Bruno's VW & Audi Repair remains OPEN during the CORONA crisis

Bruno's VW & Audi Repair remains OPEN during the CORONA crisis

Bruno's VW & Audi Repair remains OPEN during the CORONA crisis Bruno's VW & Audi Repair remains OPEN during the CORONA crisis Bruno's VW & Audi Repair remains OPEN during the CORONA crisis

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Bruno's VW & AUDI Repair

79-15 69th Drive Middle Village, NY 11379

(718) 326-7220, (718) 416-3993

We are OPEN during the Corona Virus Crisis.

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Monday - Friday: 7am - 6pm

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About Us

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Experienced Technicians

We pride ourselves on our factory level training & certifications. Our technicians have a combined 50+ years VW & Audi specific experience. Our state of the art facility is equipped with the latest software & diagnostic tools to perform factory level service. 

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We Have You Covered !

Since 1967 Bruno's has provided Dealership level service & repair for VW & Audi owners. 

Whether you're coming in for a routine inspection, scheduled maintenance or a repair service, we promise that you will be completely satisfied with our work.

Bruno's uses only the best fluids, parts & repair methods to keep your VW & Audi performing like new. 

We except both cash & credit cards as well as most extended warranty & insurance programs. 

We can also provide our customers with Wheel Repair, Tire replacement & body repair service.

Brunos VW Audi Certifications

Our Quality Promise

We're committed to providing a stress-free experience to both new and returning customers. We provide,

Fair & Honest Pricing

Written Estimates

Computer Diagnostics

Towing Services

Quality Parts & Service

12month/12k mile warranty on most repairs


We are an authorized BOSCH Car Service Center.

Take advantage of the BOSCH Car Service Credit Card, for Stress Free Financing for your automotive repairs. 

Apply Online or In our shop. 

Benefits Include:

- No Annual Fee

- Low Monthly Payments

- Online Account Management

- Convenient Payment Options

- Stress-Free Financing

* Special Financing Available. Become a Bosch Service credit car holder. 

Bruno's Automotive Repair FAQ

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What kind of service does Bruno's VW & Audi Repair provide?

Bruno's VW & Audi Repair provides a complete range of repair and  maintenance services for all VW & Audi models including some Porsche models.

Included but not limited to Inspections, Oil & Fluid services, Brakes, Cooling & Charging systems, Suspension, Transmissions, Wheel Repair, Tires & more. 

What are my payment options?

Bruno's VW & Audi Repair accepts VISA, MasterCard, Debit and  Cash. We also offer payment plans for major repairs. Call us for more  information.

What should I do if my “check engine” light comes on?

When the Check Engine Light comes on in your vehicle it doesn’t  necessarily signal a need for major repairs. To be certain, have your  vehicle checked by a professional at your soonest convenience.  When a CEL is 'Flashing' you should not continue driving as this is a signal of a more serious malfunction which major engine damage may result. 

Most modern vehicles now have multiple warning indicators for other systems including Brakes/ABS, Traction Control, Oil/Coolant levels & more. 

How often do I need an Oil Change?

The general rule for oil changes on any vehicle is every 5000 miles.  We  recommend following the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure the peak  performance of your vehicle. Consult with our auto repair experts for more information.

How often should my Brake system be inspected?

According to the manufacturer’s recommendation, the brake system should be inspected every 12 months.

Do you offer Transmission maintenance services?

Bruno's VW & Audi Repair offers inspection and transmission flush  services that include filter, gasket and fluid replacement. We can also provide complete Clutch, Flywheel or Transmission replacement.